Empower Your Coaching Business

With AI Powered Chatbot Solutions

Enhance connections with AI Assist Hub's custom Chatbots for coaching businesses. 

Our 24/7 chatbots aid in goal setting, accountability, and qualification, freeing you to focus on helping your clients. 

AI Assist Hub Focuses On Your Priorities

Our coaching chatbot has been designed with 2 main priorities in mind: firstly to help clients grow and achieve their goals and secondlly help the coach generate qualified leads. This is achievable through 3 main chatbot experiences. 

Goal Setting

The Goal Setting Experience is designed to help your subscribers grow by setting their own goals, dates that they would like their goals achieved, as well as rewards for when they achieve their goals!  


The Accountability Experience is designed to help your subscribers grow by working towards a result that is set by YOU, the coach! Simply set a result or accountability goal you’d like your subscribers to work towards, and your bot will do the rest! 


Designed to help coaches get more qualified leads, this experience is perfect for those of you looking to not only educate new prospects in what sets you apart from the competition, but also automatically sets qualified users up for a free consultation with you!  

Let Us Help You Grow

Our mission is to help coaching businesses grow by building meaningful relationships with their customers through the use of chatbots.

At AI Assist Hub, we understand that every coach has a unique journey, whether it's about sharing their expertise, guiding others to master their skills, or promoting their specialized services.

Business Owners Know How to Do Their Thing
But they’re not always experts at the marketing stuff: launching campaigns, acquiring leads, or optimizing funnels.

The Marketing Stuff
If you don’t do the marketing stuff right it can break your business. For small businesses, it's not a job, it’s personal. It’s their lives. It’s how they provide for themselves and their families.

We’re here to make marketing and growth easier for coaching business owners so they grow as big as their dreams. So they have more energy and focus to hone their craft, tell their story, and build lasting relationships with their customers.

That’s why we do what we do.

Free Interactive Demo

Open your camera and point it at the QR Code ->>>

Scan this QR code for an interactive chatbot demo and receive a free report on the game-changing benefits of integrating chatbots into your business. 

Explore the future of efficient communication and unlock valuable insights. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your business strategy. Scan now for instant access!

Flexibility Through Integration

 It's possible for coaching businesses to grow by simplifying "the marketing stuff" for them, and this is possible by having complete flexibility and many tool integration options. 

Facebook Messenger

The coaching chatbot's primary channel is Facebook Messenger, the messenging app that has over 1 billion regular users.

Through automation and engaging interactions it is designed for getting and keeping clients happy, so you have more time for everything else.

Where Is Your Audience? 

In addition to Facebook Messenger, the chatbot has the flexibility to run on other popular channels including WhatsApp and Instagram.

Attract quality leads, drive more sales, and reply to conversations 24/7 with Instagram DM and WhatsApp number marketing.



Powerful Integrations

Have your chatbot connected to your favourite tools...

Zapier, Google Sheets, MailChimp, Hubspot, Converkit, Klaviyo

...Plus many many more.

Complete Flexibility

Have the chatbot answer to certain comments in your Facebook posts or Facebook ads.

Integrate the chatbot on the homepage of your website.

Generate QR codes or URLs for people to go directly into the chatbot experience.

We Aim to Make it Easy

We realize that the thought of implementing new technology into a coaching business can be a little daunting, thats why we make the process as easy as possible.

Seamless Integration

Transforming your coaching business with our chatbot is a breeze. No technical skills required. Our seamless integration process ensures that you can enhance your operations without the hassle of complex installations. 

Whether you're a tech enthusiast or a newcomer, our user-friendly approach makes the transition smooth and stress-free. 

We understand that your expertise lies in coaching, not technology, so we've crafted a solution that aligns with your needs, making the implementation journey as easy as a conversation with a trusted client.

Guided Every Step of the Way

Embarking on the chatbot journey with us means you're not alone. We stand by your side every step of the way. From the initial setup to ongoing support, we are committed to ensuring your success. 

We are ready to guide you through the process, answer your questions, and tailor the chatbot to your unique coaching style. 

Consider us your partners in innovation, working together to amplify the impact of your coaching business. With our support, you can embrace the power of chatbots confidently, knowing that expertise and assistance are just a message away.

Focus on Coaching, Not Coding

Your passion is coaching, not coding. That's why our chatbot solution is designed to let you focus on what you do best. 

No need to get tangled up in technical intricacies. The user-friendly platform that underpins our Chatbots empowers you to customize and manage your chatbot effortlessly. 

We believe in a hands-on, yet straightforward approach, allowing you to dedicate your time to meaningful client interactions instead of grappling with technology. Let us handle the technicalities while you continue making a lasting impact through your coaching expertise.

Meet Alex!

Say hello to our automated assistant, Alex!

Just like us, he's passionate about helping business coaches understand how it's possible to harness the power of automation through Chat Marketing.

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